Why Talent Segmentation is so Important for EVP

Why should I (or you?) bother segmenting my talent audiences for employer branding?

Not getting enough quality candidates engaging with your talent marketing efforts? While you probably tailor job ads to the role and candidate, those ads are bottom of the funnel stuff. The process of attracting and engaging talent begins way before you have an open role.

We all know that quality talent is already employed. To attract the best, your brand needs to be top of mind so that you’re on their radar when they’re ready to move.

In marketing terms – and let’s face it, if in 2019 you’re not taking a marketing approach to recruitment you are pushing the proverbial uphill – creating awareness is a done via top of the funnel activities such as content marketing on social.

Too many companies jump straight into developing content without having a well-defined Employee Value Proposition that is customised to priority talent segments. Without a segmented EVP, your messages will sound like bland organisational rhetoric (literally blah blah and will not resonate with the talent that is so critical to your business.

Watch today’s video to learn how to get started with talent segmentation and feel free to get in touch if you need help!