Do These Things Before You Start an EVP Project

What do I need to do BEFORE embarking on an EVP Project?

Trying to figure out how to get started creating your EVP? There are a few critical steps to take BEFORE you get stuck into the project.

  1. Developing your EVP shouldn’t be a project team hiding away in a boardroom to come up with the right value proposition and announcing it with a big splash. Be sure to educate and engage all your stakeholders from leadership, cross function partners like marketing, to the broader organisation
  2. Determine your success metrics for your EVP project and your longer term employer brand program
  3. Set up governance structures (like a steering committee) and identify your project team members
  4. Prioritise the talent segments that you will focus on for EVP message customisation
  5. Identify program interdependencies – such as a corporate rebrand, website refresh, engagement surveys – that are taking place across the organisation so that you can align your EVP activities and deliverables and create more leverage for your business.

Doing these things before you embark on creating your EVP will help minimise friction during your project and set you up to create brand messaging that truly engages your target talent.