Where Should Employer Branding sit in the Organisation?

Where should employer branding sit in my organisation?

Are you having the debate inside your organisation around where employer branding should sit and who should take responsibility for it?

Although I talk a lot about employer branding from a talent attraction perspective, it goes way deeper than that. Regardless of where it sits, It’s important that it is recognised as a driver for not just talent, but also business outcomes. Therefore it needs to be endorsed and championed at Executive Level.

A well-defined and communicated employer brand serves to both identify employment experience gaps AND inspire the right kinds of behaviours from your people that will either encourage or discourage innovation, drive better customer service and outcomes for your business.

Ultimately, I feel it’s less important where it sits from a day to day standpoint and more important to have alignment and collaboration between HR and Marketing and recognise the interdependencies between your customer and employer brand.  

Watch the video for a deeper dive into this age-old question!