The #1 Mistake to Avoid When Creating an EVP

How can I avoid the number 1 mistake that companies make when creating their EVP?

If you’re embarking on an EVP project for the first time you want to avoid making mistakes that can cause your project to stall or worse, cause you to create a brand that flops in the market!

On today’s video, I highlight one area where I see organisations getting it wrong, and It’s one of the key areas that is so important to get right.

That mistake is believing that you can use employee engagement surveys or values data as a replacement for brand data. It’s a great indicative starting point, but t’s not the whole story. You cannot create compelling and differentiated EVP from survey data alone.

Taking this shortcut usually results in the development of a cookie cutter EVP that doesn’t result in a brand that engages talent.  This is because all the flavour, the stories that bring your messaging to life is surfaced through conducting proper qualitative research.

If you’re going to take the time to build an EVP, then you want to create one that actually works. By that I mean you want an EVP that cuts through the noise in the market and gets talent to sit up and take notice of you.

Watch the video for a deeper dive into this topic!