Corporate and Employer Brand. What’s the Difference?

Are you frustrated trying to explain the difference between your corporate and employer brands? How do you get your stakeholders on board with talent marketing?

Yes, employer branding is a form of marketing! This often that creates confusion or even division within an organisation around what should be communicated and how it should be done.

Your brand is one overarching story told to different audiences. Your Customer brand is all about acquiring and retaining customers to drive sales. The purpose Corporate Brand is to grow favourability amongst investors and the wider community and your Employer brand is there to engage talent inside and outside of the organisation.

And while it does make sense to take a holistic approach when it comes to your organisation’s brand – whether that be to communicate with customers, talent or investors – we still need to be cognisant of the unique requirements and drivers of each audience. In this video, I dive into the differences and how you can create synergies between your corporate and employer brand. Share this with someone in your organisation who you’re having this discussion (or debate?) with!