Your Employee Value Proposition is about more than just Recruiting

What’s the real reason to invest in your EVP? Do this to get your business leaders to support your Employer Branding efforts!

For many organisations, it’s about recruiting. And with all due respect to the important of hiring the best people for your business, it often doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to getting your Executive team to support you to invest.

Sure, your EVP is the strategic foundation of your recruitment messages and a strong employer brand will help you attract better quality talent and usually at a lower cost per hire over time.

We also know that employees who work for companies that have a strong employer brand are generally more enthusiastic and motivated. This means that your employees will be more productive and ultimately drive growth for your business.

However there’s a third aspect to EVP that is sometimes overlooked.

If you undertake a robust EVP development process it will help you uncover gaps or issues in the employment experience that you’re delivering. These gaps can be critical to the way your business operates and ultimately the performance of the business.

So if you’ve been talking about employer branding purely for recruitment purposes, then broadening the conversation so that you’re making a crystal clear link between the ability of the business to reach its goals and the strength of your employer brand is going to be a game changer for you.

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