Employer Brand Mythbusters! My Employer Brand is a Tagline. No it’s Not!!

“We’ll just come up with a good tagline, some pretty images and our brand is done, right?” Nope! If this is something that you’ve heard (or said!) inside your organisation, then today’s video is just for you! An employer brand tagline is a short statement that embodies the essence of your employer brand. It’s meant to elicit an emotive response from talent by connecting what drives and motivates them to the company’s larger strategic vision AND demonstrate how you’re different from your competitors.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Your employer brand is MORE than just a tagline. Think of the tagline as the guiding light, the overarching positioning of the brand.

Your employer brand is about proactively and systematically understanding the elements of the employment experience that are most important to your critical talent – both internally and externally.

It’s about:

• Using that insight to shape and improve the employment experience that you deliver
• Communicating the best elements of that experience in your recruitment marketing and internal communications

At its core, your employer brand should be at the heart of your people strategy. It governs everything you do so that you elicit the best out of your employees and inspire the best people outside of the organisation to want to join.

So, having a great tagline can be an effective tool, but if that’s all you have then there’s going to be little substance to your branding efforts. I encourage you to focus less on the tagline and more about holistically reinforcing everything that you want talent to think, feel and do at every stage of the candidate and employee lifecycle.