Employer Brand Mythbusters! Can we control our Employer Brand?

One of the biggest myths going around is that as an employer, you can create and control your employer brand.

Your Employer Brand exists today, whether you have been through a formal brand development process or not. In fact, perception of your brand has existed long before the discipline of employer branding was invented.

The reality is that your brand is shaped by the employment experienced that you are delivering – you’ve probably heard of the term building your brand from the inside out.

You can’t control your brand. You can control the way people experience you as an employer.

You do this by making leadership decisions to improving aspects of the brand – or work – experience that are leading to negative perceptions of the brand. You can uncover these gaps in the employment experience through a robust EVP development process.

What you can also do is use communication to either raise awareness of your brand if that is an issue for you through proactive or address misconceptions that might exist about it through strategic and consistent delivery of your EVP using communications as your tool.

So, the question is not how we control our employer brand, but rather:

How do you shape it into something better, so that you can attract and retain the top quality talent?