What the heck is an Employer Brand Coach?

During 4 years as Talent Brand Consultant at LinkedIn, I looked around and noticed how many companies want to have a real crack at doing their EVPs in-house without relying on expensive agencies or consultants.

I saw a lot of smart and experienced HR and TA leaders – experts in their own field – who just needed some guidance to get the process of DIY-ing their EVPs right, because employer branding requires a different skillset. It’s marketing applied in a talent environment.

They’re usually overstretched and resource-poor and don’t have time to invest weeks figuring it out for themselves. They don’t want to mess about making mistakes only to have to backtrack the redo the whole thing or outsource anyway! Maybe this is you?

Over the years I’ve been frustrated to see people attempting to do their EVP in-house – investing a lot of time and effort to land on a process and framework, then STILL being disappointed with the effectiveness of their EVP.

I kept waiting for someone to step up and help them… and finally realised that no one was going to bloody well do so.

As an Employer Brand Coach, I teach and empower clients to build their internal capability, so they can get successful outcomes with their EVP development and talent marketing activities – the first time around. In the process of doing so, they become employer branding subject matter experts in their own right.

Clients can tackle their projects with confidence knowing that they have the support of someone with years of experience who will not allow them to make the mistakes that so many brands make that see them end up with a cookie-cutter EVP. I’m here to make their lives easier and help them look good to their stakeholders – when that happens, my job is done.

My vision is to lift the game of employer branding across the industry and make it accessible to anyone who is serious about leading their organisation to take a more marketing centric approach to their talent attraction and retention.

That’s why I became an EB Coach 😊