How to bring your EVP to life through activations

What happens after you’ve put in the hard yards?

You’ve developed an EVP that’s sure to attract star talent in your industry. Your storytelling architecture is good to go. Your messaging is on point.

Job done? Not quite! An employer brand framework is useless if left on a shelf – simply having it isn’t enough to attract, engage, and retain top talent on a longer-term basis.

The next step is to bring your EVP to life using tactics and tools that make your organisation a talent magnet. When it comes to EVP Activation, every organisation has unique needs, so you need a tailored plan based on your desired outcomes.

Effective activation allows you to see the true impact of your employer brand as it galvanises your workforce and attracts talent that will propel your company towards success.

Here are just a few of my EVP activation thought starters…

Tip #1: Run EVP Briefing Sessions

Essential for integrating your EVP with other strategic priorities!

  • Who else in your company needs to learn your EVP messaging? Externally, think recruitment agencies and anyone who’s in contact with your candidates.
  • Internally, don’t just brief recruiters and hiring managers. Your leadership team should be well versed so it trickles down from the top.
  • Also work with your marketing team to identify opportunities to integrate the customer narrative with your EVP, and any other teams that create employee communications like internal comms.
  • Create an easy-to-use toolkit with guidelines, images and messaging they should use.

Tip #2: Optimise your careers site

Your careers site is the first point of contact for candidates and a huge branding opportunity. It can significantly reduce your time and cost per hire, so treat it as your most important asset.

  • Create rich content such as human interest stories and notable achievements.
  • Add a blog to give a deeper look inside your organisation.
  • Ask employees to contribute articles.
  • Drive your campaigns to the site.

Tip #3: Harness the power of social media

Sounds obvious, but most organisations aren’t maximising the benefits!

Give your employees a sense of pride and meaning in their work by sharing achievements, awards, CSR initiatives, diversity and inclusion stories and other celebrations on social media. 

Sharing poignant stories humanises your brand and sets it apart from competitors, so create engaging content like videos, photos, podcasts and articles that they’ll be proud to share with their networks.

One more very important word of advice on EVP activation…

Hopefully these get your creative juices flowing! Although beware – I’ve found many HRs and TAs are keen to get the wheels in motion and launch tactical campaigns. Which is awesome!

But keep in mind you need the right foundations and a tailored strategic plan in place before you jump into the tactics – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

This is why I created The EVP Project using a proven step-by-step framework, from data insights and audits to creating your Brand Story Architecture. Then you can build on more advanced tactics as you go.

Did you find the EVP activation ideas helpful? There’s A LOT more you could implement, but first make sure you’re set up for success with a comprehensive employer brand strategy.

Feel free to give me a call if you need help!