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HR technology: A powerful enabler for your EVP

Has your company started investing in new HR tech tools, like Application Tracking Systems, digital automation, or candidate engagement software?

If you’re lucky enough to be getting systems and process upgrades, it’s usually a sign the business has reached a new level of maturity. You’re getting set up for success – congrats!

Technology is a powerful tool because it can significantly increase your team’s efficiency and productivity, so I always encourage HR leaders to use it. But have you considered it as an innovative message enabler for your EVP?

New recruitment technology on its own is only half the solution. Without effective and compelling messaging, the system itself won’t deliver the results. Most platforms need to be fed with consistent, engaging content.

There’s also a big risk in implementing a new tech tool and using off the shelf canned responses. If the messages don’t resonate with your target audience, then your return on investment in the tech is greatly diminished.

Follow these steps for a more holistic approach that’ll maximise your tech’s ROI.

Develop a robust messaging framework

There have been many occasions where clients have come to me because they’re so excited about their new HR tech – but when they sit down to write, they’re struggling to find what to say. Implementing new software often turns out to be a lightbulb moment that makes you realise you need to work on an EVP.

To get you started on developing a practical messaging framework, start with this as a minimum:

  • Employment promise – one overarching emotive idea that sums up your unique employment offer
  • EVP pillars – three to four themes that categorise and encapsulate the employment experiences you deliver
  • Proof points – these bring the EVP pillars to life and are the platform for meaningful storytelling

Your framework lays the foundation for every piece of content you feed through your tech tools to make sure your messages resonate with your target talent in every touchpoint of their journey.

Choose the right HR tech solution for your business

HR technology can be gold dust because it can help you streamline operations and provide insights to help increase productivity. But choosing the right software is just as important as crafting your EVP messaging framework.

Scott Allan, Founder & Director of Talent Tech Solutions says designing your optimal HR tech stack boils down to two factors:

  1. Understanding your desired future state in terms of process, operating model and experience
  2. Selecting tech that enables this future state and solves for known problems

“Optimising experience and content across all channels will boost how you build and manage your employer brand. At a minimum, I suggest your HR tech enables automated content distribution directly to your social media platforms and careers site to help streamline your processes.

“HR tech that features conversational AI and integrated recruitment marketing campaigns will help you maximise candidate engagement and conversion. You should also look for tech that allows you to customise content for each talent segment, creating a more personalised experience.”

–   Scott Allan, Founder & Director of Talent Tech Solutions

Feed the beast with consistent content

Once you have your messaging framework and have chosen the right technology for your HR and TA goals, the next big thing to consider is what you’re going to input into the system and how frequently you can post.

It’s time to get organised and create a structured communications cadence… because you need to keep feeding the beast consistently – which can be overwhelming without a plan!

Map out the stages of your hiring process and each touch point in the candidate journey, then write or create content for each stage that delivers a message and experience that aligns with the EVP. Think of it as a channel for EVP delivery.

Always make sure you use HR tech to compliment your EVP strategy, enhance your reach and streamline your processes! And not as a standalone solution to improving your recruitment metrics. Just because you’ve implemented new tech doesn’t always mean you’ll magically attract more candidates. Tech is an enabler for your EVP and the EVP also makes the tech more effective – they go hand in hand.

“Forward leaning companies have connected EVP and HR tech strategies into a holistic talent strategy. Technology is supercharging how teams deliver employer brand messages through high and low tech channels. Those companies executing this strategy are seeing faster hiring, reduced costs and downstream improvements in employee retention.

“If you haven’t yet connected the importance of EVP with HR tech, you’re likely already losing the war for talent.”

–   Scott Allan, Founder & Director of Talent Tech Solutions

Elissa, Global HR, Systems and Mobility Manager at Bravura Solutions came to this realisation when going through some big system upgrades in her company. She realised she had to lay some messaging foundations to be able to get the most out of the new tech platform.

If you need help building your strategy, The EVP Project guides you through a proven framework to help lay the foundations for your content including research, employer brand promise, content pillars and content management. Schedule a call to discuss how we can help.

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