The battle for talent is fierce. Without a compelling EVP, you are literally handing talent to your competitors.

You know that you need an Employee Value Proposition, a clear message to engage and attract great prospects.

But where do you start?

Hiring outside employer branding agencies can be expensive. They are not as close to your business as you are. There are countless of examples of agency created EVP’s that end up collecting dust on a shelf, this can leave you feeling frustrated and vulnerable as you strive to attract the right talent. 

Employer Branding Expert, Margie Kwan started The EVP Co. to help businesses create better Employer Branding without the need for expensive agencies. 

Margie believes that developing your EVP in-house should be simple, with the right framework and guidance!

About Margie

Margie Kwan is a sought after EVP consultant, coach and speaker. She has over a decade of experience in employer branding, working with large brands such as EY (client side as Asia Pacific Employer Branding Leader).  More recently, working on brand and social recruiting consulting to the top 200 Enterprise customers across Australia and New Zealand as Senior Talent Brand Consultant, LinkedIn.

Margie has been identified as one of the 20 Employer Branding Experts you should add to your LinkedIn network. She’s also been recognised in HRD Australia’s ‘Who’s Who in HR’ and has won the Australian Marketing Institute Awards for Excellence Experiential/Brand Experiences.

During Margie’s time at LinkedIn, she noticed how many clients were were missing out on great talent because they did not have a compelling EVP. Margie saw many organisations attempt to do it themselves, but without the right guidance and framework, their efforts were failing to deliver a result. 

“I was frustrated seeing branding agencies charge huge fees for cookie-cutter EVP’s that the clients didn’t know how to use. They often ended up collecting dust on a shelf in a dark corner of the HR department. I decided someone needed to fill the gap and de-mystify the process around Employee Value Propositions. While it is something that’s important to get right, it’s totally do-able if you’re shown how”.

Don’t waste countless weeks piecing together articles, white papers and blogs to build your EVP, you deserve a guide who can help you build an effective Employer Brand.

Employer Branding Guide

5 Steps to creating your EVP in-house

How to develop the right messaging
and employer brand to attract better talent

What the agencies don't want you to know!

5steps to creating your evp inhouse booklet