Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your precious time and energy trying to figure it out as you go along?

You know you have a great brand story to tell, but somehow you keep losing talent to competitors. You already know you need an EVP, clear messaging and effective campaigns… but where do you start?

We can give you our tried and tested formula developed from many years of experience in employer branding. And we want to empower you with these tools so you can finally attract and retain better talent, while growing your career.

The fact is, not all businesses have large budgets to blow on outsourcing to branding agencies.

So, HR and Talent Acquisition teams are usually left to fend for themselves with little investment and resources in employer branding. Yet they’re expected to deliver the world when finding great people.

We’re here to disrupt the industry and make a bold statement:

You CAN learn the skills to create your own EVP in-house.

And we’re here to hold your hand through the process.

About Margie

Margie has over a decade of EVP experience working with mid-tier companies and large multinationals, such as EY where she led the employer brand strategy for APAC.

More recently, she provided brand and social recruiting consulting to the top 200 Enterprise customers across Australia and New Zealand as Senior Talent Brand Consultant, LinkedIn. 

During this time, Margie noticed how many businesses were missing out on great talent because they lacked a compelling EVP. Many attempted to do it themselves, but without the right guidance and framework, their efforts failed to deliver results.

Margie has been identified as one of ‘20 Eightfold’s Employer Branding Experts You Should Add to Your LinkedIn network’. She’s also been recognised in HRD Australia’s ‘Who’s Who in HR’ and has won the Australian Marketing Institute Awards for Excellence in Experiential/Brand Experiences.

I was frustrated seeing branding agencies charge huge fees for cookie-cutter EVP’s that their clients didn’t know how to use. They often ended up collecting dust on a shelf in a dark corner of the HR department. I decided someone needed to fill the gap and demystify the process around Employee Value Propositions. It’s totally doable when you know how.

With our 16-week step-by-step program, you no longer have to waste countless weeks of trial and error to build your EVP and attract talent.

 We want to see you thrive and create an employer brand your whole company will be proud of – thanks to you.

Speak with us to get started!

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