Specialty Focus Programs

Specialty Focus Programs

EVP Review and Roadmap

Get an expert opinion and tailored recommendations on your current EVP

You developed your EVP “a while ago”. But perhaps you didn’t do anything with it. Is it still current? Do you need to refresh it? Is it useable? Where are the gaps? What's the best way to implement it?

We’ll review your current EVP to help you improve your Employer Brand Messaging, plus you'll receive a tailored roadmap that helps you implement your program so that your brand can be seen by the right candidates.

Develop Your Talent Personas

Blueprint to get inside your talent’s head

Successful marketers know that every customer segment requires a tailored message. The same applies when communicating with candidates!

If you are finding it hard to attract and engage a specific talent segment that’s critical to your business, it's likely you're not speaking their language.... and it's costing you valuable time and money.

We'll guide you, using a proven framework, to develop talent personas so you can get to know your critical talent inside-out. Soon you'll be on your way to creating compelling messaging that speaks to the right people!

Bespoke Employer Brand Workshops

Tailored programs to work through any EVP roadblock or challenge

Got a specific employer brand challenge or that you need help to overcome? Leadership not on board? Brand not appealing to a particular talent segment? Let me help you figure it out and discover insider secrets to acquiring the best talent.

Margie can develop a bespoke program that’s tailor made for your unique talent and brand challenges, then deliver it workshop style in your offices.

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