The EVP Implementation System


Put your EVP into action with a winning plan to attract your ideal talent
Got an EVP and stuck on what to do next?

In this program, Margie will guide you on how to successfully implement your EVP in market

You’ve got your EVP. What now?

Many organisations created their EVP, were handed a brand strategy document full of consultant diagrams and frameworks, without clear guidance on what to do with it. So they popped it in the bottom drawer and promptly went about business as usual, still losing talent to their competitors.

In this 12 week program, you’ll work with Margie one on one (and small group) as she coaches you through the development of a talent marketing plan so that you can bring your neglected EVP to life and put your brand promise into practice.


Registrations are currently closed for The EVP Implementation System. But don’t worry, join the waitlist and we will personally send you an email when the doors are open.

Employer Branding Guide

5 Steps to creating your EVP in-house

How to develop the right messaging
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What the agencies don't want you to know!

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