Want to attract, engage and retain better talent by creating an EVP

Want to attract,
engage and retain
better talent by
creating an EVP

Learn how with our guided
online program for ambitious
Talent Acquisition and HR people
The EVP Co Margie

Your Employer Brand Coach

The EVP Co Margie

Your Employer Brand Coach


We’ll teach you how to create your Employee Value Proposition



Avoid outsourcing to agencies and save $$$

Attract better talent


Be guided through the EVP development process with an experienced coach

Without a compelling EVP,
You are handing talent to your competitors

We’ll teach you how to create your EVP in-house with a step by step blueprint. With Margie as your coach, you’ll become a valued Employer Branding subject matter expert in your organisation.


Eliminate Confusion​

Developing an EVP
can be frustrating,
get a proven framework


Become a subject matter expert​

Become the go-to person for all things Employer Branding in
your organisation


Deliver Greater Impact

Finally, feel equipped to influence marketing & branding conversations in your business

Employer Branding Guide

5 Steps to creating your EVP in-house

How to develop the right messaging
and employer brand to attract better talent

What the agencies don't want you to know!

Creating your EVP in-house is simple


Schedule a Call

We’ll discuss your unique talent brand challenges and assess suitability for the program


Follow the Blueprint

Get a proven EVP success system
and one on one coaching support
to execute


Connect with Talent

Finally know exactly what to say that engages your ideal talent, so your brand is top of mind



The battle for talent is fierce. Without a compelling Employee Value Proposition, you are handing talent to your competitors.

You already know you need an EVP, clear messaging and effective campaigns. But where do you start?

We’re here to empower you with a proven framework developed over many years of experience in employer branding.

Why? Because we understand the frustrations of losing quality talent to competitors. Of lacking a big budget to spend on expensive branding agencies. And being expected to attract talent without a compelling employer brand!

With our guidance, you’ll be able to:
  • Learn a proven framework for building a compelling EVP
  • Grow your career and become the EVP expert in your organisation
  • Avoid outsourcing to expensive agencies and save your company thousands of dollars
  • Build an Employer Brand that makes you a talent magnet
Are you ready to discover the hidden marketer within you? The truth is, in just 16 weeks you can learn the skills to create your own EVP in-house, and we’re here to show you how.

We've worked with leading businesses such as:

Australia's only award-winning Employer Branding coach as recognised in:

Grow your career and become an EVP expert

Want to expand your skill set and take initiative to progress in your career? Our program is for you. Employer branding skills add tremendous value to you as a HR or TA professional.

With our tried and tested formula, The EVP Project focuses on applied learning to deliver a business outcome. Which means more tangible results, less theory and an employer brand your whole company will be proud of – thanks to you.

I experienced years of frustration working with agencies who promise the world, charge an arm and a leg and don’t deliver results… which is why I created The EVP Project.
– Margie Kwan, Employer Brand Coach

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The EVP Project

Your step-by-step solution to EVP clarity
Follow a proven framework broken down
into bite-sized, actionable steps with support
from Employer Brand Coach, Margie Kwan
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What the agencies don't want you to know!